Set up, fix and manage your

Data Lake or Data Hub with us.

The challenges that companies face with Data Lakes and Data Hubs

The cost of implementing data lakes and hubs can prove to be costly for companies

Data Lakes can be extremely difficult to manage, even for skilled engineers

Lack of expertise in the domain, making it difficult to find engineers who understand it

Inability of the businesses to integrate security and data governance into data storage

How can AnalytIQs help you solve these challenges?

Strategic Consulting

We help you plan and set up a Data Lake or Data Hub for your organization efficiently.


Whether you choose a public or private cloud, we make sure the setup is effective for you. We will ensure that the resources are used efficiently closing all the leakages.

Managed Services

We take care of your data catalog, security, and governance for effective management.

Cloud Transformation

For your existing Data Lakes, we help you transform them for improved performance and reliability.

What makes us unique?


Expert Data Engineers


On-time Implementation


High Data Security


Near-zero Downtime


Structured, Accessible Data


Comprehensive Analysis

How can AnalytIQs help you solve these challenges?