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Our experts help you navigate through Databricks with:

Data Analytics
Data Migration to
Databricks Platform

We help you unlock all benefits of the
Databricks Lakehouse Platform


It’s multicloud.

Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Data Engineering

Delta Lake

Get reliable data, secure data sharing, and lightning-fast performance on your data lake.

High-quality data

Enable a single-source of truth for all your data. Empower your data teams with the latest data and ACID transactions and schema enforcement. Scale your data insights seamlessly by running analytics and data projects directly on data lakes. Improve the time-to-insight to 50x faster.

Open data sharing

With Databricks’ native integration with the unity catalog, you can manage and audit shared data across organizations from a single point. Collaborate and coordinate with partners, suppliers, and vendors at speed without compromising on security or compliance.

High-speed performance

Databricks’ Apache Spark™ works at the backend, optimized with performance features to deliver scale and speed on ETL workloads executions.


With all your data stored in open Apache Parquet format, you can allow it to be read by any compatible readers. With open and compatible APIs, you get access to an open source ecosystem to avoid data lock-ins.

Automated data engineering

We help you easily build and manage data pipelines for high-quality data on the delta lake. This will simplify ETL development and management declarative pipeline development, improved data reliability, and cloud-scale production operations.

Security and governance

We help you reduce the risk of fine-grained security for data governance. With the Databricks platform in place, you can update data quickly and accurately to comply with changing regulations for improved governance.

Data Warehouse

Databricks SQL

Get a serverless data warehouse to run SQL and BI applications better, and at scale.


Machine Learning

Get a data-centric approach to machine learning to accelerate your AI projects.

Simplify machine learning

Empower your ML teams to access, explore, and prepare all types of data at any scale without - turn features into production pipelines.

Automate tracking

Track all your experiments and logs parameters, metrics, and versioning of data, and model artifacts at each training run. Quickly see history runs, compare, and reproduce past results as needed.

Managed lifecycle

Collaborate with the trained ML model lifecycle, from data to production. Version and move through various stages with approval and governance workflows as per role-based access controls.

Enterprise-wide deployment

Deploy your models as REST API endpoints anywhere you like with a high-end enterprise-grade availability, at scale and with low latency.

Why Choose Analytiqs for Databricks?

Expertise in architecture, roadmap, and tool rationalization strategies

Consultation with experts having an in-depth understanding of Databricks

On-time implementation based on hands-on experience with Databricks

Innovative solutions and accelerators to speed up the migration

Optimized costs and faster implementations for greater ROI